How do I calculate the value of my company?
Last Updated: Dec 31, 2015 03:19

Two of our strategic alliance partners are Zacks CF Research and Equidam.

Equidam, a Netherlands-based valuation firm offers “a straight-forward, objective company valuation in 30 minutes.” Their online self-service will walk you through some questions about your company, financials, and projections – things you should be familiar with. As soon as you are finished, you will instantly get your free executive summary or you can download the full valuation report.

Zacks CF Research is a third party independent evaluator. Its valuation reports are written by analysts with experience in startups and will help you show investors your projected revenue, cash flow, brand value and anything else related to potential growth.

They currently serve over 10 online investment platforms and we believe this partnership gives our users another exclusive benefit to crowdfunding with truCrowd Illinois.


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